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Datation offers Tele-verification services to refresh and refine your databases, eliminating outdated and inactive records. Our team of technical experts detects inconsistencies in your current records and promptly rectifies them through a rapid validation procedure. We engage in tele-verifying our contact data by initiating phone calls. This initial call permits our proficient specialists to confirm the accuracy of the contact information. Given that company contact details can swiftly change due to factors like mergers, acquisitions, or workforce changes, we possess the necessary expertise to conduct both manual and automated data cleansing. Our sales representatives establish contact by phone or email, ensuring connection with each contact on our tele-verified marketing list. Whether your database is in any condition, we are equipped to convert it into a pristine and up-to-date version through our rigorous Tele-verification process.

Our Tele-verification services are specifically crafted to revitalize your databases by purging outdated records and verifying the accuracy of information. Discrepancies within existing records are promptly addressed through a rapid validation process. Every contact holds potential as a customer, and any missed opportunities due to incorrect contact information can result in substantial losses. Our telephone verification process is meticulously executed. Contacts with incomplete information do not receive certification for inclusion in our data lists.

By incorporating Tele-verification, the volume of spam reports diminishes, and communication with your contacts is enhanced, ultimately bolstering your brand’s reputation. We provide an all-encompassing solution that guarantees the accuracy and currency of any database we deliver to you, thereby maximizing your return on investment through qualified data. The Tele-verification process significantly boosts response rates for your campaigns. Within this process, incorrect, invalid, and inactive records are systematically purged from the databases. We facilitate the cleansing and updating of your database with the assistance of highly trained professionals who perform regular maintenance. Our automated data-cleansing protocol encompasses data hygiene checks, utilizing our in-house contact database, and email validation. With the aid of our data hygiene processes and Tele-verification services, your sales and marketing teams can expect enhanced performance.