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Master Data Management

In today’s business landscape, the role of a comprehensive database cannot be overstated, regardless of the industry. Assuming that a database is perpetually clean and up-to-date is a fallacy. Data is in a constant state of evolution and growth. Business dynamics and the digital revolution contribute to continuous enhancements in the data repository. New entries may include duplicates, incomplete records, or extraneous details. Hence, the concept of master data management (MDM) is paramount, and its execution is an intricate task. Consequently, many organizations opt to engage external agencies for MDM services. However, our approach at Datation sets us apart from these agencies. Our expertise is dedicated to ensuring an error-free, high-quality database that lives up to the trust our clients place in us.

Datation’s Master Data Management services span various verticals, including but not limited to automotive, healthcare, publishing, oil & gas, education, real estate, telecommunications, travel, retail, and more. The benefits of our Master Data Management services are multifaceted:

  1. Databases free of duplicate records.
  2. Timely updated information.
  3. Elimination of obsolete data.
  4. Reduction in marketing costs.
  5. Substantial improvement in returns.
  6. Inclusion of complete information.

By integrating MDM with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, our organization ensures that clients can establish social media connections with the master data, enhancing the longevity of the database. Incorporating MDM helps to address data normalization complexities by mapping records and filling in any missing data points. We conduct data audits and analyses every two months to maintain a reliable master database, ensuring its ongoing relevance and accuracy. Our commitment lies in delivering MDM solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age, maximize their potential, and build enduring customer relationships.