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Social Validation

Social media stands as the prevailing avenue to Connect, Engage, and Impact the intended target audience. Within the realm of digital marketing, particularly in the domain of direct selling, social media assumes a pivotal role. It serves as an invaluable conduit for discerning customer purchasing behaviors, rendering it an optimal platform for gauging buying patterns. The incorporation of socially validated contacts equips you to establish connections across an array of social media platforms. In the pursuit of maximizing marketing effectiveness, marketers actively seek the most adept strategies for harnessing social media’s potential. Our services encompass the identification and augmentation of social networks and demographic details within a marketing database.

A robust social profile imparts authenticity to interactions with business decision-makers, imparting a personalized dimension to customer history. Empowered by our socially validated data, a clearer understanding of the audience materializes. This, in turn, enables the formulation of tailored approaches aligned with the preferences of the target demographic. Through the medium of social validation, direct access to pertinent users and potential Datation candidates materializes, complete with their Twitter handles. Furthermore, analysis of their online activities through socially validated data furnishes insights into your contacts. The acquisition of new Facebook followers is also facilitated. By directing customized Datation efforts toward specific users on social networks, precious advertising resources are conserved, targeting only those genuinely interested. Additionally, this approach bolsters brand consistency, disseminating a uniform brand image across multiple channels and fortifying customer loyalty.

At Datation, our database boasts socially validated contacts. Rigorous validation extends to Facebook profiles, Twitter handles, and LinkedIn Profile IDs. Every contact’s name and title within the database are meticulously cross-referenced with various extant social and web networks. This comprehensive process discerns active contacts and their respective roles, fostering optimized interactions. A holistic social validation process elevates the potential of the marketing database. The database undergoes a stringent data validation process to ensure paramount accuracy. Subsequently, the validated database is cross-checked with the master database to confirm the accuracy of associated social media profiles. Rigorous validation criteria ensure the authentication of multiple social media profiles linked to each customer record. The enriched database is seamlessly disseminated to our clients through a secure FTP portal.