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Data Audit

Every company maintains a database, but the uncertainty surrounding data quality often prevails. It’s common for businesses to be unsure about what data is in their possession and what may be missing. To address this, a Data Quality Audit is indispensable to identify and rectify these shortcomings. Prior to launching any marketing campaign, conducting a thorough database audit and necessary corrections is crucial to avoid potential drops in business returns and the wastage of valuable resources. At Datation, we offer comprehensive Data Audit Solutions, leveraging our over-a-decade-long reputation as industry leaders in this domain. Our data audit services are both practical and cost-effective, ensuring tangible and positive outcomes.

Numerous companies end up expending substantial amounts of money before initiating marketing campaigns. This can be attributed to the costs associated with addressing database-related issues, which are of paramount importance. A data audit enables a meticulous examination of the database, identifying and rectifying any anomalies. This guarantees that every investment made yields higher returns on investment (ROI). At Datation, we delve deep into understanding the specific requirements of your database, allowing us to comprehensively evaluate its contents. We not only identify issues but also provide recommendations to maintain its health. Our report encompasses:

  1. A summary of the submitted data.
  2. The exact count of data records.
  3. Identification of broken or segregated data.
  4. A breakdown of related contact information.
  5. The number of records in question.
  6. Assessment of business names and addresses against Postcode Address and our Master database.
  7. Suggestions on the number of contacts that can be appended and updated in your list.

Our data audit process involves a meticulous examination of your database, ensuring that data is accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with your business goals. This proactive approach enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, eliminates wastage, and boosts overall operational efficiency. By leveraging our Data Audit Solutions, you can rest assured that your marketing endeavors will be underpinned by a high-quality, well-maintained database that yields tangible results.