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Data Verification

Data verification is a critical business process aimed at enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your internal data. Often, data isn’t completely accurate at the point of capture. Key data fields, such as addresses, telephone numbers, emails, company revenues, and employee sizes, require thorough verification. We recommend conducting data verification and validation every six months to safeguard your business’s reputation, enhance communication, and facilitate better decision-making. Datation employs a range of data validation techniques to ensure the accuracy of contact information in your database, enabling confident utilization in your business processes and marketing campaigns.

We assist you in verifying the quality and deliverability of your email data. This process offers insight into the authenticity of each contact’s email address, ensuring that your emails reach genuine recipients and allowing you to differentiate low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. This practice safeguards your reputation, optimizes costs, and elevates campaign performance, while informing segmentation decisions and maintaining a high standard of data quality.

Our data verification services encompass a variety of elements, including Email addresses, Full Postal addresses, Contact Names, Mobile/Telephone numbers, Age/Date of Birth, Current Company, Job Roles and Titles, and more demographic details. Our validation offerings include Multi-channel Contact Data Validation, Real-time Mobile/Telephone Validation, Bulk Data Validation, Personalized Validation Levels, Multiple Data Source Validation, and Instantaneous Error Detection.

Our team of technical experts has honed the art of data validation using advanced techniques. They verify data corruption, data integrity, alpha-numeric identifiers, consistency checks, data format validity, and name and address validity. Our real-time data validation is executed independently using proven methods that adhere to the highest industry standards.

The process of data verification and validation yields numerous benefits, including reduced operational costs, enhanced database integrity, regulatory compliance, protection of brand reputation, waste reduction, and increased Return on Investment (ROI). This process helps you maintain accurate and reliable data that drives your business forward.